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J. S. Bach
French Suite No 4 in E flat Major BWV 815
Preludes and Fugues from WTC I (C Minor No 2, E flat Major No 7, G Minor No 16, B flat Major No 21, B flat Minor, No 22)
Preludes and Fugues from WTC II (D Minor No 6, F sharp Minor No 14, A Minor No 20)

L. v. Beethoven
Sonata No 3, C Major, Op. 2 No 3
Sonata No 6, F Major, Op. 10 No 2
Sonata No 13, E flat Major, Op. 27 No 1
Sonata No 23, F Minor, Op. 57
Sonata No 27, E Minor, Op. 90
Sonata No 32, C Minor, Op. 111

I. Berkovich

J. Brahms
Rhapsody B Minor, Op. 79 No 1

E. Chabrier
Pièce pittoresque n°6 : Idylle

F. Chopin 

Ballades (complete)
Barcarolle F sharp Major Op. 60
Etudes Op. 10 No 1, 2, 8, 10, 12
Etudes Op. 25 No 1, 2, 6, 10, 11, 12
Fantasie-Impromtu Op. 66
Mazurkas Op. 24 (complete)
Mazurkas Op. 33 (complete)
Nocturne E flat Major, Op. 9 No 2 
Nocturne B Major, Op. 32 No 1
Nocturne C Minor, Op. 48 No 1 
Polonaise A flat Major, Op. 53
Preludes Op. 28 (complete)
Scherzo No 2, B flat Minor, Op. 31 
Sonata No 2, Op. 35
Waltz E flat Major Op. 18
Waltz D flat Major Op. 64 No 1
Waltz C sharp Minor Op. 64 No 2

C. Debussy

H. Eller
Prelude B flat Minor, No 3, I book

M. de Falla
"Ritual Fire Dance"

E. Granados
"Quejas ó la maja y el ruiseñor" from Goyescas Suite

J. Haydn
Sonata C Minor, Hob. XVI No 20
Variations in F minor, Hob. XVII No 6

A. Hatchaturian

G. Ligeti
Etude No 13, "The Devil's Staircase"

F. Liszt
Spanish Rhapsody S.254
Transcendental Etude S 139 No 10 in F Minor

N. Mendygaliyev

O. Messiaen
"Le Courlis Cendré" from Catalogue d'Oiseaux

W. A. Mozart
Sonata D Major, KV 311 
Sonata C Major, KV 330 
Sonata A Major, KV 331
Sonata F Major, KV 332

A. Pärt
"Für Alina"

S. Prokofiev
Sonata No 3, A Minor, Op. 28
Visions Fugitives Op. 22, No 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10

S. Rachmaninoff
Etudes Op. 33 No 7, 8, 9
Moments Musicaux Op. 16 (complete)
Prelude G sharp Minor, Op. 32 No 12

M. Ravel
"Alborada del gracioso" from Miroirs

D. Séverac
"Les muletiers devant le Christ de Llivia" from Cerdaña

D. Scarlatti
Sonata F Minor K 466
Sonata in A Minor K 149

R. Schumann
Arabesque Op.16
Fantasiestücke Op. 12 "In der Nacht"
Sonata No 2, Op. 22

L. M. Skerjanc
Improvisation No 1

I. Stravinsky
Four etudes, Op 7
Sonata in F Sharp Minor
Souvenir d'une marche boche
Trois Mouvements de Petruschka
Valse pour les enfantes

P. I. Tchaikovsky
Nocturne in F Major, Op. 10 No. 1

A. Tolykpaev 

J. Widmann
Elf Humoresken No 1, 2, 3 (2008)

I. Zebeljan
"Umbra" for piano (1987)
"Dark velvet" - in memory of Gustav Mahler (2006)
"Il Circo" (1993)

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